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"Peggy is outrageously sharp, a true expert in her field. She is very much of an educator, talking you through your thoughts until you come full circle in resolution. She's a no-mess, no-fuss, type A personality in her business, which inspires, strengthens, and grounds me and my business."

  -Troy Lair, PhD
The Compliance Doctor

"It is a tremendous pleasure to work with Frank Public Relations Worldwide. Peggy instantly absorbed the impact of the message I was attempting to deliver and directed me to an avenue that allowed me to reach over 10,000 people around the world in just 17 days. With her insight, enthusiasm, and fearless warrior approach to uncharted territory, I no longer feel like an army of one and my mission is well on its way."

  -Glynis D. Wallace, DMD
Author of Living With Lung & Colon Endometriosis

"Results! Within 2 short months our media coverage has gone international. We also have been featured with a major TV news piece and a high exposure article in our major local newspaper. Excellent results for our very new and modest practice.

Peggy Frank perfectly blends her strong medical knowledge and connections within the medical and media community with creative and solid PR techniques. Peggy uses exceptional communications and inspired support to bring the best out of our relationship every day. She is a coach, mentor, counselor as well a sharp effective professional.

Exceeded Expectations! Thank you so much. Here's to the future."

  -Darlene Ginnett, RDMS,
Pacific Coast Ultrasound, Inc.

"We are excited by the innovative strategies and insights Frank Public Relations Worldwide has employed to spearhead our company's launch and introduction to the marketplace."

  -Robert Taketomo, Pharm.D, MBA,
President and CEO

"Frank PR has become our portal to the media. We have had great success in getting our message out, and then handling the national attention that was focused on our product. Frank PR also helped us in managing the expectations of our public, and our customers and investors. Especially productive was the help on redesigning our website, our formal face to the world. Frank PR has the experience, patience and initiative required for a sustained public relations representation of our biotech company."

  -Daniel B. Yarosh, Ph.D.
President and Chairman
AGI Dermatics

"On behalf of the AHRQ National Resource Center for Health Information Technology (NRC), we thank you for your expertise and service as part of the AHRQ Annual Patient Safety and Health IT meeting on June 6-20, 2005. As a subject matter expert and presenter, you played a key role in helping us frame and shape the ongoing dialogue on the important and timely issues addressed at the meeting. From the feedback that we have received thus far, the meeting was enormously successful. I am sure that the meeting attendees will benefit considerably from your insight and expertise in this field! We look forward to working with you again on other NRC activities."

  -Meryl Bloomrosen
Vice President
Project Lead, NRC
Foundation for eHealth Initiative
Washington, DC
"We have engaged Peggy Frank as our outsourced public relations for the past five years. We have been very satisfied with all aspects of Frank Public Relations performance in this regard, and most certainly recommend her. Frank Public Relations has helped provide us with creative concepts, provided competitive intelligence, managed our press release process, obtained us numerous articles in stories in the media, and counseled and coached us in related communications / public relations issues."
  -Clive Riddle
President, MCOL
"There are many experiences and outcomes possible with Public Relations organizations and their representative: some good ,some bad, most neutral.  This is especially true if  you are a new company entering into the fray of  a highly competitive  environment and seeking an approach exposing your products and services.  Peggy Frank's commitment to us went beyond the typical "contractual " relationship. She gave us the impression of a partner in achieving our goals and objectives through her efforts. And as Ernestine said,  'And that's the truth.'"
-Lou Oliver
Advent InfoSystems LLC
"For a non-anesthesiologist, you have certainly captured the essence of my message."
  -Barry L. Friedberg, MD
Cosmetic Anesthesiologist
Clinical Instructor of Anesthesia
University of Southern California, Los Angeles
"Peggy knows and cares about the substance, and still understands the importance of the sizzle"
  -Susan Pisano
Vice President, Public Relations
America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)
Washington, DC
"Simply the best public relations professional we've worked with. No one gives you more personal service and is harder working."
  -David Shulkin, M.D.
Chairman, DoctorQuality, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
"Insurance folks are a hard bunch to please, however, Peggy has received glowing reviews from our associates who work in various Southern and Northern CA offices. She has a good knack for developing new media relationships and parlaying them into broader relationships. She really knows the myriad nuisances of healthcare, works very independently, is a self-starter, and brings a large measure of professionalism and enthusiasm to her work product and to her work ethic. She has exceeded the expectations of our Keenan associates - but not mine, as I have seen her work for many years and the contributions she is making for Keenan is consistent with her track record of consistently delivering on her promises."
  -Henry Loubet
Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer
Keenan & Associates
"I like the relationships that Peggy builds with people. She is great at nurturing ties with people from media contacts to consultants, which results in a strong network of professionals that help her get the story out."
  -Cheryl Toth
Healthcare Consultant
"I've never worked with a more committed, energetic, creative, consistent, respected publicist. She has extensive media contacts who trust her, and she's always developing new ones. Peg Frank is simply the best."
  -Bill Ferreti
President & Chairman of the Board
Medstar TV

"Peggy Frank has a knack for bringing people together in order to create mutually beneficial professional relationships. As a Healthcare Analyst on Wall Street, my focus has always been Hospital, Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies. When my firm asked me to expand into e-healthcare, I was trepedatious because I knew nothing about this sector.

Upon initial research, I came across a press release indicating the completion of an e-healthcare book written by a client of Peggy Frank. Ms. Frank's information appeared on the press release, since she was the public relations contact. I immediately contacted Ms. Frank. She informed me that the book would not be published for several more weeks. Upon learning of my deadline, she contacted the author who agreed to Federal Express a pre-print copy of the book at no charge. I was so impressed with their kindness, professionalism and understanding, I dedicated an entire page to thanking Peggy Frank's client, Douglas Goldstein, in my first e-health industry piece which was distributed to nearly 1,000 buy side portfolio managers around the U.S.

In the months that followed, Peggy introduced me to several key players in the e-Healthcare arena and steered me to the correct meeting and gatherings around the country. As a result, parts of my work have appeared in e-healthcare websites and magazines around the country. Keep in mind, I am NOT Ms. Frank's client. Until this day, Peggy and I keep in touch to see if we can ever help one another with our current endeavors. She is a pleasure to know and work with."

  -Michael Heffernan
Senior Research Analyst
Senior Healthcare Consultant
M. R. Beal & Company
"As a colleague and client of Peggy Frank for the past 10 years, when I need a fresh look at a complex problem, invariably I turn to Frank Public Relations. I know that I will get 'out of the box'thinking, wise counsel and an uncompromising commitment to ethical solutions. Whether it's a communications need or the desire to drive ROI, Peggy Frank doesn't disappoint."
  -Ron Yukelson
Associate Administrator/Director, Business Development
Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center
Encino, CA
"It is a pleasure receiving media input from Peg Frank. I can always trust that the information will be presented in a user-friendly fashion by respected experts. Her follow-up is timely and efficient"
  -Donnica Moore, MD
A user-friendly women's health information site
Branchburg, NJ
"Frank Public Relations has a proven track record of understanding the wide scope of today's health care stakeholders -- from medical groups, IPAs, physicians, hospitals, Rx, to the world of technology. Having a good grasp of all the elements in the healthcare marketplace provides the right balance of competitive perspective with a keen understanding of the media's need for substantive news -- not merely hype."
  -Michael Merino
President, Cambria Management
Yorba Linda, CA
"Peggy Frank has been instrumental in getting the word out about TEEN LINE. She is always upbeat and quick to recognize how to best portray us to the media whether it be for print or television. Her PR acumen is unsurpassed with her superior ability to think on her feet. For example, Peggy can see a media opportunity in an item that most people wouldn't think was newsworthy. And her writing style fits well with our program."
  -Elaine Leader, Ph.D.
Executive Director, TEEN
LINE, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles

"Having been in the health care arena for more than a decade, I have never met a more qualified pubic relations professional who approaches any given challenge from a number of well thought out angles, with a plethora of contacts and simply put -- unmatched experience."

  -Patricia A. McCann
President, Inferno Marketing
Simi Valley, CA

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